Creative Tools for Mental Wellness

Everyone benefits from exercising empowering tools that will last you a lifetime.

Personal benefits of Lane Gardner's Mental Wellness Coaching include:

• Uncover, Recover and Discover your true SELF
• The freedom to create a life that finally feels aligned
• Grounded, practical and accessible tools for achieving mental wellness

LEVEL ONE:  Your Soulution Map™

Unlock your unique, one of a kind toolkit.

In this 90-minute, in-depth interview, we delve into your experiences and the deep-seeded beliefs that hold you back. You'll discover the unique pathway to your brilliance through a specific SOULution map. With it, you gain:

  • A deeper understanding of your inner resources and assets
  • An expanded view of yourself and what you’re capable of
  • Cultivate a daily creative practice that brings you fulfillment, joy and relief
  • Personalized Creative Action Plan for Improving Daily Mental Wellness

Investment $850

Move on to LEVEL TWO and your investment fee will be deducted from the standard package price


3 Days, 3 Weeks, or 3 Months

Armed with insights from the Soulution Map™, we’ll outline the perfect route to bring your inner brilliance back to life. The coaching packages, delivered in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months of your time, include everything from creative activities and games, to using visuals, spoken word, music, and movement.


(3 days)

For those who are ready to explore what inspires them most deeply.

Within the 3 days together, I support you in learning how to use sound, lyrics, rhythm, and rhyme as the brush that creates your own unique healing canvas. This empowering method will last you long after we work together. The life-long benefits range from gaining full self-expression, an authentic voice, saying yes to new opportunities and re-aligning with your true essence. Recognize that you already have the resources to live your fullest life and to unearth your fullest potential!


*Level One deduction $850
($1,145 total)

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(3 weeks)

Find wholeness in the face of everyday mental health struggles. Through collaborative songwriting and breath work I will help you calm your nervous system, clear the body, and get resilient when life doesn’t go as planned. I will support you in creating an embodied, multidimensional resilience practice that you can carry into your everyday life so you can gain flexibility and the capacity to bravely adapt to your challenges.


*Level One deduction $850
($3,100 total)

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(3 months)

This method explores the stories deeply embedded in your bones that may have caused pain or emotional disconnection. Together, we will "flip the lens" on these narratives, activating your inner resources by integrating visuals, sound, spoken word and movement. For individuals needing a safe passage through their challenges into the expansive terrain of reconnecting with their whole, shiny, brilliant SELVES.


*Level One deduction $850
($9,800 total)

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