Lane Gardner

Lane Gardner's journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and creativity.

Despite a tumultuous start marked by the fallout of her father's PTSD, her family's involvement in a religious cult, and the challenges of an abusive stepparent, Lane found solace and inspiration in her family's rich musical tradition. Raised in a family of self-taught musicians, frequent family jam sessions became a lifeline, embedding in her a deep understanding of the power of music and the connection it cultivated. Lane discovered her own gifts at age 9, excelling in singing and finding refuge in the local community theater. This sanctuary allowed her to explore her talents, connect with kindred spirits, and escape into the world of artistic storytelling.

Lane's formal education in classical voice and musical theater at Baldwin-Wallace College and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music catapulted her into a successful career as a professional singer/actor. Her leading roles in productions like My Fair Lady and The Glass Menagerie showcased her prowess on stage.

A pivotal moment came when Lane discovered her passion for teaching during her conservatory years. In between performances she began developing and facilitating arts programs, offering private lessons, and crafting workshops to empower others through creative expression. This dedication led her to work with various arts organizations, schools, and community centers, impacting hundreds of lives.

As Lane facilitated programs for others, she concurrently unraveled her own journey, gradually healing from early traumas. Shifting from finding solace on the stage to delving into her own stories, Lane embraced songwriting as a powerful form of self-expression. This transformative process culminated in her debut album, "Fertile Ground," released in 2015 on her record label, Third Road Records.

Today, Lane channels her passion and expertise into one-on-one coaching and nurturing THREAD, her therapeutic arts non-profit organization.

Her life experiences uniquely equip her to guide others through a journey of SELF discovery. Lane Gardner is not just a witness to the transformative power of the arts but a living embodiment of its profound impact on personal growth and healing.


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