Circle Round

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Stories connect.

Our own personal stories connect us to ourselves and to each other. At the heart of our lives, in the center of our beings we need to feel connected. No matter what’s going on in our daily grind, what’s on our to do lists. No matter what roles we play as parent, partner, professional….we need to feel seen, to be heard and to be witnessed for all we’re going though, all we struggle with, all we cry about, laugh about, dream about, celebrate and grieve. All that makes us alive. All that makes us, US.

Ever heard a song or even just one line of something, a poem, an article, a conversation that stops you in your tracks? Something in it moves you, touches you, shifts the way you think or feel. It illuminates something in you you didn’t see before. There’s an Ah-Ha, a Holy Sh%*!!! or even just a quiet knowing that helps you along your way.

Stories do that to us. Stories do that for us. Stories do that through us.

I believe that sharing our stories is an act of generosity. Generosity to ourselves and to others. When we share our stories, in any form, be it spoken, written, sung, painted, danced, we bring them out into the light. We illuminate the intricate threads of our experiences. We embrace them more fully. By sharing our stories, we allow others to see us, feel us, from a place of authenticity and honesty. We offer ourselves from a place of integrity and strength, courage and open-heartedness. And in doing so, perhaps inspire others to do the same for themselves.

Then, they may just turn around and do the same for someone else,
Who, in turn,
Might offer that generosity of spirit to another,
Who could then offer themselves openly to yet another,
And who knows….

Maybe our tribe of “everything’s fine”, “how’s the weather”, our chronically disconnected and desperately lonely souls that we sometimes feel ourselves to be, might slowly give birth to a new paradigm of connected, compassionate and honest relating. A kind of relating where everyone is celebrated. Seen for who they really are. Held and supported in the knowing that others are going through similar things. Sharing our deeper currents and giving ourselves and others a touchstone to feel not so alone on the journey.

We hold a sacred space. We connect. We heal.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for stories, human stories, stories of life, of living, of the depth and richness of the human journey. That which opens us, moves us, inspires us, takes us down, carves us out, fills us up, makes us fully alive through all the ups and downs. I often find myself wondering how life can throw us so many curve balls, so many rough patches, only to give way to something joyful, something inspiring and heart opening further down the line…

Hard to say.

All of us have our own deeply personal beliefs about the WHY’s of life. But I have observed this: life has a way of moving in circles. What may be cracking open and falling down today, eventually gives way to something new… something growthful. On the other side of change or loss, there’s a coming back around to yourself with fresh eyes, with deeper insight and hard-won wisdom. All that has served its time, past its expiration date, or even sometimes vanished without warning, becomes rich compost to fortify and cultivate a more fertile soil from which to grow and blossom once again.

Winter always brings the spring.
The wheel of life turns to return.
We bring the circle round.

I offer you my stories here…my songs, my writing, my creativity, my art. My stories have been the avenue for my own self-knowledge and healing…an avenue I have traveled sometimes on hands and knees, groping blindly around in the dark and sometimes with grace and hard won confidence moving forward no matter what. My journey has indeed opened me, inspired me, carved me out, taken me down, filled me up and brought me exquisitely and even sometimes devastatingly alive. I have grown, changed, deepened and aged like a fine wine…and y’all know I love me some fine wine :). My stories have become my fertile ground to release, grieve, plant and blossom anew….over and over and over again.

I hope that in this space we can share our stories….our loves, losses, insights and triumphs. I hope we can hold space for one another as we find our way. Perhaps our stories can help each other along the journey, adding to the collective well, offering a resting place, a touchstone, a catharsis, a balm.

By coming closer to ourselves we come closer to each other. In coming closer to each other, we come closer to ourselves.

Circle round, my friends, circle round

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