Fertile Ground

Release Date: November 13, 2015
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Fertile Ground Text picFertile Ground, is the hauntingly soulful debut album by Singer/Songwriter Lane Gardner. Fiercely honest, Lane’s powerfully passionate voice as both singer and songwriter, plunges deep into the hearts of her audience, with gripping stories of love, loss, hope and rebirth. Fertile Ground is a cathartic lens through which the songwriter grapples with her own colorful and often devastatingly painful passage thru life, revealing breathtaking insight into the inner-most corners of the human soul. Her stories draw the listener in with a soul-baring vulnerability, distilling the most complex emotional landscapes into a down-to-earth, sometimes southern hospitality that invites you to warm your hands and hearts at her fire. With skillful grace, Lane delivers a kind of musical and lyrical alchemy that can spin even the most heartbreaking loss into an epic personal triumph as in the crushing ballad Beautiful To Me or have you cutting the rug, clapping your hands and singing through your tears to the soulful groove of Cry For A While. And though deeply personal, Lane’s songs are universal, weaving the seemingly disparate threads of our shared human journey into a familiar and wellworn musical quilt, comforting in the knowledge that we all relate somehow…perhaps hearing a strand of your own story in hers, drawing you a little closer to yourself, and a little closer to those in your world. Above all, Fertile Ground is a reckoning, an acceptance of past and present, and an invitation to dance within the cycles of life. Rich in the knowing that like nature herself, everything that fades away turns to return, fortifying and nourishing our own fertile ground for new growth. And in time, perhaps learning to celebrate all the many, sometimes unsavory, often contradictory things that make us so beautifully human and so vibrantly alive.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by David Baron at Sun Mountain Studios, Woodstock NY

Claude Coleman Jr – Drums and Percussion
Owen Biddle – Bass
Danny Blume – Guitars
David Baron – Keyboards, Rhodes, Hammond Organ
Lane Gardner – Vocals, Piano, Backing Vocals

All songs, lyrics and arrangements by Lane Gardner

© 2015 Lane Gardner
Third Road Records, BMI



Sittin’ here feelin’ like death on a plate
Tryin’ to remember the last thing I ate
Every cell in me is achin’ for the past
Wonderin’ how long this go round with my feelings might last
Old Man Change been knockin’ at my door
He’s come around a hundred times before
And I know I should invite him in for tea
But today my misery won’t love his company
It’s in this place of fragility
I see some space for possibility
And I know this tide will turn around
And set my feet back on the ground
But for now I’m gonna sit here and just cry for a while
I might shed enough tears to stretch on for a mile
And when I’m done I might take another step
But today my world is rainin’ and I’m gonna get wet
There’s this wheel of life we’re on
Where the seasons come and then they’re gone
And I know that sometimes things we hold so dear
Wind their way around the wheel and dissappear


Yesterday life was easy
Skies above were blue and breezy
You settled into a perfect life
Hit your mark, read your lines
Everything is going fine
Came the fly in the ointment
Life showed up without an appointment
He broke the rules and changed the game
But you know, its ok
Everything can stay the same
How you supposed to lie in this bed that you made
Now your eyes are opened to a grander parade
Its getting hard to play the charade
When you find the life you made isn’t making the grade
It’s better to betray what your soul has to say
Tuck those bigger shoes away
It’s only life anyway
Grow so small, why you gotta grow so small
You were makin’ eyes at that brighter picture on the wall
But that’s not how it’s supposed to look
You ain’t free to write your own book
You’re tangled up all line and sinker
But you can’t feel the hook
There’s something ‘bout shit going down
That burns your castle to the ground
It robs you of your safe and sound
And it steals your throne, steals your crown
It’s a funny, funny way to turn you ‘round
To set your feet on higher ground
But don’t you know this train is freedom bound
If you only let yourself be found


If only you could see me
And all the wonder that breathes life inside me
This diamond that I’ve had to teach myself to see
If only you could hear me
And all the joy that’s dying to pour out of me
This voice I’ve had to learn to trust belongs to me
If only you could feel me
And all that’s real within me
This child’s heart might unlock and open wide
I’m turning inside out for you
And I’m peeling off this skin
If I can pull these layers back
Then you’ll have to see what’s in me
And it takes all I’ve got to stand here naked, fingers stretching wide
But you’re the only one you see with those mirrors in your eyes


Turn to return, that’s how it goes
Love gets lost
Plans get tossed
New paths cross
And a fresh wind blows
Children grow then you let them go
Feelings change that once rang true
Dreams fall out of view
Making room for something new
It all makes for some fertile ground
All that goes up must come down
Flowers bloom and fade away
Dropping seeds for another day
Ashes to ashes, we all fall down
For every crushing loss and hard-fought win
There’s a time to sink and a time to swim
Every ending ends to begin
And it brings the circle round
Mine is a lion’s share of broken hearts and broken dreams
Too many wake-up calls to find that nothing was what it seemed
I’ve had to climb a lot of mountains and I’ve drowned in many seas
And as my tears fell down and hit the ground
They watered the soil of me
Bring it round now
You’ve got some fertile ground
And I know it’s hard to watch the days pass
White-knuckling the hour glass
Grasping for a forecast
Of what comes next
After what came last


This life has taken me apart
Tired of counting all the pieces of my broken heart
I’ve been swimming too long in this rising sea
Its time to turn this ship around
Step on to dry land, find some higher ground
There ain’t no reason to prolong this season
I’m still reaching for this thing I haven’t found
I’ve gotta get me some happy
I’ve gotta find me some joy
I’m diggin’ deep for my true love
And I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout some boy
I’ve got this one life before me
And as far as I can see
This road’s too long and too winding
To live without my happy
I’m gathering up the pieces of my heart
Try to stitch together something whole out of all these parts
I’m hoping and praying for a fresh wind to blow
I’m holding close to what I’ve got
For all I’ve lost, there’s still an awful lot
I’m changing direction, reaching out for connection
To this new place where the sun don’t shine so hot
It’s this feeling lives inside of me
Keeps pressing on, sometimes in spite of me
Breaking up this shell of me
In hopes of filling up this well in me


Cold wind whips my window shade
As the storm comes blowing through
Your smell on my pillow case
Keeps me wanting more of you
Cold rain at the station
Mixing with hot tears waiting to fall
Arms desperate to hold us together
As we fell down cradle and all
Sing sweet my sometime lover
Sing a song about today
I know we won’t recover
When the magic fades away
Hold me my fine companion
Dance a while inside the dream
I thought that I could live on wine and fantasy
But that’s when you were beautiful to me
Slow dance in the kitchen
Waltzing tender ‘cross the floor
Hearts race for this bitter addiction
While keeping one hand on the door
Wheel turns and the seasons grow longer
Through this ever-changing lens
Storms churn then give way to a rainbow
In a vicious circle that never ends
Let go, let’s find tomorrow
We won’t forget about today
This joy just turns to sorrow
If all we do is stay
All I ever wanted standing right in front of me
Living, breathing, alive
But what I didnt know how to see was that
Everything I love about you is reflecting back in the mirror at me
Because I’m trying to see
What’s beautiful about me too


Little girl at the window
Sitting straight and tall
Gussied up in her best pink dress
Like Cinderella’s ball
Flippin’ through the pages of her fairy-tale book
Thinking ‘bout that window
Tryin’ not to look
Little girl at the window
With the patience of a saint
Summer sun brings winter fun
As she holds herself in wait
And even though they told her that her waiting was in vain
Angel wings and magic things
Came to shield her from the pain
Come away, come away, come away from the window
Let’s go find that buried treasure locked away
And the magic you remember lies beyond that window
Little One, let’s have some fun
Come and play
Little girl growing taller
Turnin’ head as she goes
A fearless explorer
With a wild mane flowin’ down to her toes
The wide world before her, with even wider eyes
Racin’ towards the ocean
Set to swim out with the tide
And the angel wings and magic things
Held a vigil through the night
As she hatched a scheme to launch her dreams
And she primed her wings for flight
But the child at that window had turned to stone
And the weight of her baggage
Was to heavy to carry alone
It’s ok
You don’t have to stay
Let me wipe away all your tears
Cried for wasted years
You can shine your colors bright now
The coast is clear