We all have a story.

Our stories help us know ourselves and each other better. Our stories move us, inspire us, teach us, grow us. Even in the midst of great pain and struggle, they remind us of who we really are…just how strongly, bravely, tenaciously, fiercely we move through life everyday.

We “live to tell the tale”, as they say.

My passion is songwriting…its the way I share my stories, the way I come to terms with the ups and downs of life, the way I heal and get back in the game. I’m also deeply inspired by Human Beings…the way we do life, what makes us tick, what takes us down, what brings us alive. The intersection of these two loves has brought about what I call Human Development through the Arts…a pouring forth of our stories into a powerful, transformative and creative form.

We meet here to connect through our creativity,
our experiences and our truth.
We meet here to inspire and be inspired.
We meet here to support and be supported.
We meet here to be the change and to be changed.

I’ve had the deep honor and pleasure to work with people in professional development, educational and personal settings for over 20 years. I’ve helped many to share their stories in creative ways; through music, words, movement and art. I’ve learned how to share my own stories by helping others to do the same.

This is the circle…
A powerful space where we join together in celebration of our unique voices, find connection in our shared experiences and help each other along the journey.

When we listen to one another’s stories, there’s no telling what we will hear…


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Cool News!…2016 and 2017 Awards for Innovation and Leadership in Special Ed for Music and Songwriting!

Though her work with Music Ascension, Lane and founder Pete Kalvert were awarded the 2016 Innovations in Special Education Award from New Jersey School Boards Association and the 2017 National Award for Leadership in Special Education by the National Association of Private School Education Centers for their Songwriting and Recording program at Chapel Hill Academy in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.

These amazing kids have extraordinary things to say…and everyday I’m honored to help them transform their incredible stories into powerful songs. About to wrap the 15th full length album of original songs written and recorded by these powerful young artists.


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